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Derivative work guidelines


Thank you to all the fans of Yumeoi Gakuen for your continued support!


BAZZRU Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as "our company") has created a secondary creation guideline (hereinafter referred to as "this guideline") so that more people can carry out secondary creative activities with peace of mind. ..

Please comply with the contents of this guideline when conducting secondary creative activities.

This guideline is subject to change without notice. Sorry to trouble you, but please always check the latest contents.



~ Introduction ~

When publishing the characters for which the Company holds the rights and related illustrations, and the derivative works of the videos and video data (here in after referred to as the "Content") for which the Company holds the rights, You must confront and obey this guideline. Please read and agree to.


By the time you publish the derivative work of this content, you are deemed to have agreed to all the contents of this guideline.



As long as you follow the contents of this guideline, you do not need to contact us when you carry out secondary creative activities, so please feel free to enjoy the activities within the scope of this guideline.



This guideline was created for individuals and groups that do not have legal personality, such as doujin circles.

If you are a corporation, please contact us individually using the inquiry form.


The authors of this content who have signed a separate contract with us and transferred the copyright of this content to us are also subject to this guideline, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation. 



~ About secondary creative activities ~


Derivative work activities in this guideline are activities to create original works created by yourself with reference to this content.


We will respect the expressions created by you with reference to this content.


On the other hand, it is not included in the secondary creative activities to publish the expression that anyone can do, such as copying this content as it is, trimming and adjusting the brightness. Please be careful.



~ About copyright ~

BAZZRU inc. owns all rights in this content.


This content is protected by copyright and other applicable laws and regulations, and all intellectual property rights related to the characters and video data that we hold and provide, and their modifications and secondary creations belong to us.




~ About the use of derivative works by our company ~


When you publish the derivative work of this content, it is considered that the Company and a third party approved by the Company have given permission to use the derivative work by the method specified below.


・ Use in live stream and SNS, etc.


・ Official use and conversion to goods (If we want to make goods, we will consult with you in advance.)



~ About reprinting and cropping of videos ~


When using this content to create a cropped video, be sure to include the link of the video that is the source in the summary column.


It is prohibited to post a cutout that is just a cut-edited version of the original video.


Please refrain from posting cutouts of deleted videos or membership-only videos.


Please note that we may ask you to delete videos that fall under the above or that we deem inappropriate.



~ About sales ~


Regarding the creation and sale of doujinshi and derivative goods, and the creation and distribution of cropped videos, if it is a fan activity within the scope of personal hobbies, it is okay to sell and monetize the derivative works of this content.

However, please do not carry out as a business activity that goes beyond fan activities.

In addition, even if it is within the scope of fan activities, if we ask you to stop the activity, you have to stop the activity.

Anything created by copying this content as it is (or an act equivalent to this, for example, arranging the contents in a way that anyone can do, such as trimming or adjusting the brightness) is not a derivative work. The act of selling and monetizing is strictly prohibited. There is no problem for you to enjoy yourself using the official images.


In principle, the sale of three-dimensional goods such as figures is prohibited.


~ Terms of use ~


・ It is considered that you have agreed to this guideline at the time of your secondary creative activities.


・ If you do not agree, you will not be able to carry out secondary creative activities using this content.


・ When we officially carry out various activities in the future, we may produce works that contain content similar to the secondary creative activities you have performed. In addition, we may introduce works created by your secondary creative activities. Thank you for your understanding.




・ The following acts are prohibited.


(1) To misrepresent as official or to mislead the official


(2) Act of sublicensing the rights granted by the Company in this guideline to a third party


(3) Acts of using derivative works to promote or advertise other businesses



・ It is prohibited to publish works with the following expressions.


(1) Anything that violates this guideline, the rules individually established by the Company, the purpose and purpose of this content


(2) Anything that significantly damages the image of this content or damages the honor, dignity, etc. of a third party


(3) Those that are offensive to public order and morals or that contain antisocial expressions


(4) Containing specific ideas / beliefs or religious or political content


(5) Those that infringe the rights of third parties


(6) Other things that we deem inappropriate

(7) Anything that includes adult contents




~ Other precautions ~


* If you do not follow these guidelines and terms of use, you may violate the terms of use or copyright. Please be careful. Even if it is not stated in the provisions of this guideline, we may request you to stop selling or stop using this content if we deem it necessary.

* Please enjoy the secondary creative activities at your own risk. We are not responsible for any troubles related to secondary creative activities between you and a third party.

* The Japanese version of this guideline is officially posted on the official website. Please note that the translated version of this guideline is not official.

* For all disputes regarding this guideline, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

* The contents of this guideline are subject to change without notice. Please check back from time to time. The Company is not liable for any damages caused by the revision of this guideline or the measures taken by the Company.



We hope that all the fans will enjoy the secondary creative activities. Please follow these guidelines and the manners of secondary creative activities!

If you have any questions or have trouble making a decision, please feel free to contact us using the application form.

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