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Bazzru, inc.

Company profile


Company name



〒 150-0031
23-17 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

City Court Sakuragaoka 408


President and CEO

Yukako Saito



February 22, 2021



15010000 yen


Business content

Vtuber office business, marketing consultant business



BAZZRU Co., Ltd. realizes entertainment that can only be done in the virtual world through "Yumeoi Gakuen".

A "virtual" world that exists as one of the antonyms of the "real" world.

Inconveniences that cannot be ignored in reality can be erased in virtual reality and only the ideal can be extracted.


We build an ideal relationship where both the river and the viewer are win-win.


Inexperienced JK rivers learn and grow daily by facing themselves and viewers in their activities.

You will also get the joy of being an entertainer who will entertain people.


Viewers are encouraged by young rivers who are young but struggle hard

Heal and enjoy their loveliness and youthfulness.


We aim to realize such an ideal relationship.




Representative message


Nice to meet you.

I'm Yukako Saito, CEO of BAZZRU inc.

I am 20 years old and am studying at the University of Tokyo.


I myself was a JK until a few years ago, and since I graduated, I have realized the preciousness of the limited three years.

We decided to establish "Yumeoi Gakuen" because we wanted to bring the charm of JK to as many people as possible.


In this production, I, Yukako Saito, who is the representative director, is a 20-year-old woman.

Our production is run by a diverse group of members.


So,"Yumeoi Gakuen" is possible to be close to all human beings, both viewers and livers.

We believe that it is possible to realize the ideal for many people in the virtual world.


February 24, 2021


Representative Director Yukako Saito


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