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1st generation member audition Finished.

Holding period

From February 22nd to March 25th (23:59)


Application conditions

・ At the time of application, you must be a third-year junior high school student, a first-year high school student, or a second-year high school student, and be an active high school student from April 2021.

(Please note that you will be asked to show your student ID card at the time of the interview.)

・You should be allowed to participate in this audition by your parents

・ You should be able to stream more than 4 times a week

・ You should like entertaining people

・ You should like and know about otaku contents such as anime and games

・ You should have some strengths such as songs, dances, games, voices, etc.


⚠︎ It is even better if you have experience in activities such as game commentator / streamer / VTuber.
⚠︎ As for the 2D / 3D model, we will use the one created by us, so this application is only for "soul".
⚠︎ For equipment such as PCs and capture boards, we will respond individually.


Image of selection

① Apply from the application form below

② (If you pass the first selection) Face-to-face or online final selection within one week

③ (If you pass the final selection) debut




(1) Regarding the above application conditions, the text has been changed from "understanding of parents" to "approval of parents". In this audition, only teens can apply. Therefore, parental permission is required. In addition, for those who have passed the form selection, we will give a thorough explanation by interviewing parents.

(2) We have specified some of the contents of the self-promotion video by Youtube on the Google form, so please check if you want to apply.

For those who have already applied, we will contact you directly only for those who are judged to be lacking in information, so there is no need to submit it again.

(3) We are considering the following three points to support the "compatibility with academics" of our streamers.

1. The condition is that the stream should be 4 times or more a week, but before the test, the delivery may be reduced or shortened.

2. Before the test, mainly study distribution (study session distribution with other members of Yumeoi Gakuen, homework distribution, self-study distribution, etc.).

3. Answer questions about studying by university students who belong to the management members of "Yumeoi Gakuen". (This is always possible.)





Thank you for many applications.

Many people were full of possibilities, and the office management side had a hard time selecting.

We are also planning to recruit 2nd generation members.

We look forward to your next application.





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