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Virtual Academy

Yumeoi Gakuen

What is Yumeoi Gakuen?

In Yumeoi Gakuen, actual JKs do JK Vtubers.

What makes them different from general JK VTubers


"They are JKs who are actually spending high school life"


High school girls are busy studying, doing club activities, and experiencing romance.

In the very special three years as a JK, which passes too fast,

they "grow", seek "dreams" and fly toward the next step.


The members of "Yumeoi Gakuen" are still immature.

At "Yumeoi Gakuen", we watch over their innocence and their growth.

We will support each of them to realize their "dreams".


What is your ideal youth?

While watching the days of JK Vtubers, 

 experience your ideal youth with the JK VTubers in Yumeoi Gakuen!

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